Arwen Lewis - Pure Volume

Taking over the family business isn't the easiest task, especially in music. But Arwen Lewis is fearlessly following in father's footsteps in more ways than you'd expect. The singer/songwriter is set to release her debut album soon, and today, we're excited to premiere a song from it. In case you aren't aware, Lewis' father, Peter, played in Moby Grape, and she is taking a bold step in covering his band's hard rocking "Omaha" in addition to a number of additional tracks by the San Francisco rock legends. Not that she finds it too daunting or anything like that.

"This song always made me feel like someone cared about me when I listened to it, and in the little time that I spent around Skip, I got the sense that he wanted people to know that he cared about them," Arwen says. "'Omaha' is a part of this record because of that message, this music has been made to be shared with everyone who wants to experience it."

"Skip had more energy than anyone I'd ever seen on stage, and people loved him," Peter adds. "When he wasn't performing he would fall into trances unexpectedly sometimes. At least the way he explained it to me, in the middle of one of these he had an epiphany about the band being together forever and wrote the song."

Arwen Lewis' debut Arwen will be released on October 2 via Omad Records.